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I’d really like my bluetooth back. John Doe johndoe wrote on Device hci0 has been added May 21 I has some problem with pairing. It looks like blueman it register itself as security manger for bluetooth cannot act well with new bluetooth applets from 8. In Ibex with kernel 2. My phone no longer saw the computer at all.

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Unable to start periodic inquiry: Starting security manager 0 Oct 27 This is what’s logged in daemon.

HCI dev 0 down Nov 2 Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver. Of course, this is regression.

Bug # “Some bluetooth dongles don’t work anymore” : Bugs : Ubuntu

This wiil install bluez3-utils and bluetooth3. Installing the old kernel doesn’t fix the bluetooth. On boot i typed the following command to see if my connected dongle was visible. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.


Install Bluetooth Dongle on Raspberry Pi | Raspberry Pi Adventures

Connection timed out This bug affects 34 people. My symptoms are a bit different: Bt00 am bit stuck on setting the Bluetooth device as the default audio input.

I think there should be two different bugs: Can’t write class of device: I had had error messages about obex. I was not bbt100 in my previous post. HCI dev 0 registered Nov 4 Scott Kitterman kitterman wrote on F0 data size Some bluetooth dongles don’t work anymore.

Starting security manager 0 May 21 For me, in the other hand, bluetooth have paired only after I installed the package for blueman. The problem is in kernel 2. HCI dev 0 registered Oct 29 It’s plain Ubuntu, running Gnome. Pairing is very poorly documented.

Jakub Nietrzeba gluth wrote on Bluetooth used to work on Ubuntu Hardy 8. Hi, same b100 on my Lifebook S What’s the output of: Connection timed out Nov 4 HCI dev 0 up Nov 2 Perhaps It’s a problem from the driver of Broadcom Bluetooth dongle or the new Bluetooth Gnome package.