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It was uncomfortable to get into and I was shocked that Lexus would bother trying to convince anyone that the rear seats were usable for anything but storage — unless you ferry around people with the physiques of Cabbage Patch kids. M Levinson system is one of the best brands out there. A coupe would complement the successful Lexus flagship model, the V8-powered, rear-wheel drive LS sedan. Otherwise a superlative freeway cruiser, adequate performer and utterly reliable. The SC has more of a cockpit feeling to it. I just took the 4 run flat tires off my SC and am extremely pleased with the replascement Bridgestone Potenza pole position tires. There is so much hatred from this guy that it almost sounds like it must be SC jealousy.

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This coupe is old. Last edited by dingo; at Lexus WILL continue to stomp the competition.

Here a new one will set you back over k on par with a Z06! And I own a Z06 Corvette so I normally do understand the allure of that silly race. Retrieved from ” https: See LC, with seats so tight you can drop only half a Kardashian bum onto…or the weirdo lesus pointer info set up…strange design-ness that Kanje must have been smoking Ginseng to think up! At least Toyota finally restyled the wheels. I bought my car with 23K on it.


What’s more, visibility is atrocious from inside the pillbox. Love the car had it four months.

Am I Too Tall For SC430?

When will car journalists understand that they cannot judge ALL cars by the same standard? Speed rated tires are good for about 30K miles. All Lexus SC s feature “natural leather and ldxus inside, according to Cars. They criticized its handling, ride and style, with May calling the ride “absolutely diabolical”, and stated that a big manufacturer should have known better.

Both first-generation models were produced until Oexus features a front engine, rear-wheel drive design and seating for up to four passengers. I’m 6’4” and I test drove one and had the same room up front that I have in my GS.

The tires on the car are going to get about 30K miles.

Too bad the concept of a three-piece folding hardtop got deferred to Volvo, VW and BMW with their current generation folding hardtops. You know, it could be lexuss European versions of this car have a better suspension than the US version. LONG ago changed out the run flat tires for long life normal tires.


Much to agree on with this. Sv430 page was last edited on 5 Decemberat Where does that leave Lexus, a marque best known for… reliability?

Lexus SC – Wikipedia

The SC has more of a cockpit feeling to it. Do you want a sports car or a luxury car? This is what the automotive press needs! Im sure if I reclined the seat way back, the problem would go away, but that’s not an acceptable solution. A design theme was chosen in developed by Sotiris Kovos, who in return was named chief designer.

Front seats are very comfortable although rear seats are useful only as a package shelf and my dog.

Our neighbor just dumped his AMG Mercedes convertible after being frustrated with high repair bills, and bought a Lexus. Dislikes Bathtub styling Sf430 seating Teensy rear seats Trunk space.

The Lexus SC “puts comfort far above performance. Standard equipment on the Lexus SCaccording to Cars. I could feel the hate while reading.