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Finally, the user can customize the system password and boot behavior of the OS. That way you can also install programs and even run system updates, plus it works faster than the live option too. They are not so easy to use if you want to be a pro, but they are worth a try even if you are not interested in this kind of operations. Want to Install Elementary OS? Plus, even with these cool USB stick features aside

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Look no further than Knoppix. Debian live it’s a good choice too. USB drives that stretch into the hundreds of gigabytes still remain an expensive proposition though. Installed a lot of distro’s on it, but sticked to Ubuntu for a couple of years. Root partition of format ext4 of size according to your use.

BackTrack is serious about anonymity. That way you can use the entire drive unless you want a few GB as a linux-swap lihuxforu, which it might do automatically anyway.

I even burned one of the. It just works great on 10yr. Tiny Core with command line interface is coming with 11MB. You can install any softwares you want.


5 Best Linux Distros for Installation on a USB Stick

Porteus is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit. Now I not only boot in to any of 10 images and have persistence on my files on any image.

I prefer smaller distros like Slax or DSL. Each puplets offers unique features or support.

Tiny core linux is listed uxb with 10mb? The other is Knoppix, which I used just once, I should replace it. October 31, at 2: I was pretty upset when that distribution ended as it was perfect for all of my needs, small, included GParted, and functional if needing to use it for personal reasons on someone else’s machine.

7 Best Portable Linux Distro to Boot and Run from USB

So this are the ones with most eye candy but do not lack in productivity. This feature makes sure that the system changes made by the user stay unchanged while future uses.

Yumi is also being rewritten for Linux but there’s not a ETA. It has a save file persistent feature which ask the user to save any changes. BackTrack is not light nor the heaviest OS.

LinuxLive USB Creator

The size uxb this portable Linux is dependent on the user, and this distro is modular. Since it does not have anything unwanted out of the box, Tiny Core Linux is fast and responsive. Be careful though, as one mistake could potentially render your hard drive unbootable.


The loss of Crunchbang was hard, try Bunsenlabs a good successor in styles and performance. November 3, at 4: Now select your Region and hit Continue …. Damn Small Linux packs many applications such as Firefox, VNC viewer, file manager, instant messenger, and even a web server.

It is a unique OS written in x86 assembly, which is why it is so small. You can even do secure online transactions as well on any available PC. From time, you might need to modify these partitions to either resize them, or wipe them entirely. Antivirus is the type of thing where you want to pick a product and commit to it, so as to avoid causing problems.

But please, indulge me just one more.