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Visit our Driver Support Page for helpful step-by-step videos. The Omni manual doesn’t help much. That being said, I’ll need more information about your software setup. Umbilical cable on review model was too short. This seems to do a better job of bridging the interface than what it on the motherboard.

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How exactly do you have it configured? Win Vista x64 File Version: I chose at the time because it was a good compromise between quality and price we always come back there! There are two additional options.

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M Audio Delta 66 Drivers Download. Codec Sample Rate has 12 radio buttons for the available sample rates from 8kHz to 96kHz, and normally displays the current sample rate.

But the point that bothers me most is the problem of analog inputs and outputs Mono is for me trs handicap, especially for outputs: Yet another application is keyboard submixing, which could be achieved by routing the Record Outs to inputs 3 and 4 to bounce up to four stereo signals down to one stereo track. No updated driver even if updates are many – it works.

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I would put this review up to date soon. You can tick ‘Rate Locked’ and select a specific codec sample rate if you want to prevent your application from changing it, which is useful delt, for instance, you accidentally load in a 22kHz file but don’t want your sequencer’s setting to get changed from The measured noise figures were a lot more encouraging when I ignored this anomaly, providing a fairly typical Other Devices Supported OS: I am currently using them as well.

This is no doubt due to some initialisation process, and won’t affect real-life recording except perhaps during some drop-ins though the surge is too low in level to be noticeable in most mixes.

Double click the driver download to extract it. Sure enough, I was able to download version 4.

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Asus P5- – CPU: This seems to do a better job of bridging the interface than what it on the motherboard. They have never failed and I think excellent value for money today.

If you plug in a male XLR plug you get a low-impedance balanced input suitable for a mic, with 48 Volt phantom power globally switched in and out from the rear panel although, sensibly, its red LED indicator is on the front panel.

This was partly due to the rather cryptic manual and signal-flow charts which, although they contain all the information, seem to place it in rather a convoluted order. Our members also liked: Similar problem here – went from working perfectly under Win7x32 on my Pentium 4 dinosaur to Win7x32 on a dual core system, drivers installed fine.


I also only have one other pcie 16 slot occupied by a graphics card, im not sure if delts is shared on the bridge with the delta or not. Disconnect the device from your computer.

I do not use it. This allows you to run up to four mixed Delta cards simultaneously, although they are not sample-locked.

There are quite a few outputs on offer as well. On my old machine, I got it to work perfectly under Windows 8. This return is connected to the stereo mix buss. The Delta 66’s D-A converters showed subtle improvements over those of my own benchmark Echo Gina card, with a greater sense of space, depth, and realism during acoustic performances.

The only problem, my motherboard died forcing me to change the PC.