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Before going forward, come towards the camera a bit and pick up Spider-Man’s Simulator Disc. Proceed down the bridge and you’ll be attacked by Vikings. Once you get to the first turn, the camera changes to a fixed position, so you’ll be moving away from the camera for the most part of this level. Move it to the end of the path, and onto an area with a similar symbol on it. Walkthrough part 23 Unlock Last Edited: Once you reach a proverbial fork in the road three possible paths with grass around, choose the center path, which will lead you to the big hammer you saw a few seconds ago.

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Proceed down the bridge and you’ll be attacked by Vikings. Return to the grassy area and take the path to the right. Kill the enemies with the big hammer. Near it, you’ll find a rock with a sword stuck in it.

You will run into a wooden gear, but ignore it for the time being. This will open a portal to Midgard Gate. When you see the big Viking Warriors with the swords, try to grab the sword from their hands. Continue down the path to the dead end.



Continue down the path and light the next tower with a torch. If you’ve collected the previous ones, this should be number five, thus unlocking the Black Panther character in the game.

You’ll run into holes in the bridge and will have to cross the bridge to make it through. It’s a decent weapon and will be used to light other torch towers as you progress.

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Step on all of them to make a platform appear. Walkthrough part 23 Unlock Last Edited: Continue down the bridge, killing the attackers. Access Point and save your game. Return to the large wooden gear and activate the gear by following the on-screen allaince press instructions. Was this guide helpful?

Head to the left and pick up the small, lit torch and smack attack button the tower to light it. Pick it up and Valkyrie will take it. Once you do it properly, you’ll be rewarded with another weapons cache containing orbs, credits, a Daredevil Action Figure or bonus XP and a random piece of gear. alliancd

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Walk onto the platform and keep moving, killing the enemies in your way. When they’re dead, pick up their gear and break the wood blocking the door and exit through the door. You’ll also run into Viking Warriors here, so steal their sword and hack them to bits.


March 29, at 8: On your left, you’ll find a statue with an odd symbol on it.

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Don’t toss the torch away. Search the ship for another Black Panther Action Figure.

Captain America’s Shield Toss works well for this. Once you’ve arrived, pick up Storm’s Simulator Disc on the rock to your left. This is Valkyrie’s precious sword.

Move it to the end of the path, and onto an area with a similar symbol on it. This has a certain Frogger feel to it, if you ask us.

While on this next section of bridge, you and your team will have large bright fireballs fired at you. Return to the intersection and go straight across would have been a right-hand turn earlier and continue down the path.