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A bit “depth” brightness levels is preferable to 12 bits brightness levels. A mirror shift of only 0. A live-view window enables you to see what the camera sees, and you centre-up and focus your target here. Although this works well and the DSI exhibits fairly low heat-induced noise, it still produces noisy raw pre-processed images. AutoStar Suite has everything you need to plan, capture and process your images.

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For all pictures of DSO’s in high resolution the equatorial mount is mandatory or an altazimutal set in equatorial mode. For years many amateur sensors are cooled and the best are regulated with a stability better than 0. Find out where to buy your equipment with our Retailer Guide. To view this digimag, Adobe Flash player is required.

A live-view window enables you meace see what the camera sees, and you centre-up and focus your target here. This review appeared in the January issue of Sky at Night Magazine.

Now that we recorded our pictures of the celestial objects, some additional frames need to be recorded before processing our raw images on computer. It fared less well with our h-alpha test on the Sun though, and despite recording the colour correctly, the software was unable to lock on to the low-contrast surface detail of ccc Sun during our imaging run.

From a pure photographical aspect, an Alt-Az mounting will display the problem of field rotation while you will track an object across the sky. By clicking on the ‘Sign Up!

Meade CCD Cameras for Telescopes

Therefore mexde amateurs get support from an auto-guide CCD. This data is also recorded against dark frames whenever they are generated. So prior taking your first CCD pictures of celestial bodies, a short calculation will be useful to check the accuracy of your CCD camera in combination with your optical system. Then, when you take an image, Envisage looks for the dark frame with the closest temperature match and subtracts it automatically to get rid of the noise — a really nice touch.


You can download it here. This is what we call the binning, a mode that offers the possibility to sum signals from several adjacents columns and rows of pixels binning 1×1, 2×2, 4×4, etc. Conversely, in lunar and planetary imaging the amateur searches for the higher resolution and does not need so much light sensitivity.

With your mouse, you draw a box around your target to select it on screen, hit the start button and the camera control software does its stuff. So, to avoid camrra parasitic noise, it is advisable to place the CCD camera at ambient temperature and to wait for about half an hour after to have switched on to take your first pictures.

Meade Deep Sky Imager Pro II Monochrome CCD Camera

Our main concern was the base level of noise it generated. Optical train and backfocus. This is however the best solution to records sky colors but at a time and financial cost. The good news is that after looking at some CCD neade produced by amateurs and their equivalent taken by professionals, subtle is the one that can say who is on first and who is on second!

Although this physical limitation results were not bad at all, with time and new chips, these small color CCD have much improved and give very good resultats, specially in planetary imaging as confirms the above excellent image of Mars.


Indeed, a complete imaging train can include: Cookies perform functions like recognising you each time you visit and cwmera advertising messages that are relevant to you. As for the color, this is no more with 12 or 16 bits that we work, but at least 24 bits.

Over the course of a couple of minutes imaging Jupiter, the software managed to combine 60 frames. The filters are arranged in such a way that the Luminance component of the image can be extracted with high definition.

In this case a smaller binning mode meae preferable. In the event rare of this solution should be too insecure or unstable on small and light installations, the alternative is using a small HD webcam. At last, cheaper, one can also use a cryo-cooler camrea a mechanical pump.

Bresser full HD deep-sky camera. So remove all bright accessories in the neighbor of the sensor which emit infrared light or are not black anodize or painted flat-black which is also a good infrared absorber.

Meade DSI Pro II Review | BBC Sky at Night Magazine

AutoStar Suite has everything you need to plan, capture and process your images. This step is called the calibration or pre-processing.

Meadde are more bits and pieces supplied with it though, including an auto-guiding cable, an install CD and a parfocal ring, which allows you to set a low- or medium-magnification eyepiece to the same focus position as the camera.