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Check to make sure your fax machine is properly connected to a working power outlet and phone jack see page 1. The passcode Your machine has a passcode protection system which must be turned on in order to use the security features listed below Programming A Batch Transmission Programming a batch transmission For this operation to work, two things must be true: This printout lists the following information about the transmission: If loading transparency OHP film into the bypass tray, be sure that the sheet is designed for laser printers and not for copiers. Special Copy Function Basic operation Adjust image contrast Setting the contrast allows you to compensate for any excessive light or darkness, of the document pages you are copying.

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Main unit with sheet paper cassette installed 2. Contact your authorized Muratec dealer to order an optional handset. Rotate Rx for MFX 100 Just in case Tips on caring for your machine What to do if problems occur Glossary Clearing paper jams Changing the default settings Memory transmission Default setting: After unlocking the mirror carriage see page 1.


If other solutions fail, please contact your authorized Muratec dealer. Fax dialing with programmable one-touch To dial a fax call using mfd programmable one-touch number: Make repeated copies to help evaporate any internal moisture. When the machine s memory is full, it can transmit only through the docu- ment feeder real time transmission. Dialing a telephone number Pick up the optional handset.


Muratec MFX-1200 All in One Printer User Manual

On-hook dialing Dialing numbers by using the keypad on the fax unit without lifting a handset. Page 21 Getting started Press until the recording paper size for the bypass tray you want appears.

Level one function Level two function Level three function E. Just pick it up, as you would if using a normal phone. Advanced features If you do not want to enter or change this number s call group, skip to step Advanced features Call group dialing If you frequently send the same fax message to more than one location, store the mffx number into the one-touch key or speed-dial number. No Number Stored Note: If service is required, call your authorized Muratec dealer.

With fmx machine set for using tern other than the one you selected above. Using The Bypass Tray Basic operation Using the bypass tray When you need to use a size of paper not currently loaded in your machine s paper cassette sor when you want to use a special type of paper such as transparency filmuse the bypass tray.

This software contains Uninstaller.

If you re using a second phone with your machine, make sure it s connected properly page 2. Turning department code protection on and off Important: The 120 cartridge It yields 16, normal letter-sized printouts see Specifications, pages. Facsimile or fax Page See also Autodialing and Speed-dialing.


Basic operation Adjust image contrast Setting the contrast allows you to compensate for any excessive light or darkness, of the document pages you are copying. To set your fax machine s passcode: Thanks for selecting a Muratec fax machine for your business. If you use the printer on the local workstation, we mtx you to use this method.

If you chose a delayed command, the machine shows Reserved on the ing that it has stored the command in memory and will complete it later.

Muratec All in One Printer MFX User Guide |

Enter text from picture: A macro key faithfully records up to 60 steps that you performed to teach the macro. Page Allows a Mtx fax user to send a document to or receive one into usually something confidential an electronic mail box.

Settings for transmission Scan settings Default setting: No Number Stored My fax never answers.