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If someone has committed changes to the installer Kernel-Mode Code Signing will not allow to display the information of your company as a source of the driver. We’d love to hear your thoughts. This may require pvk2pfx. With SSL4less you can safely install your certificate and protect your website, e-mails and company. I made a driver, and now I need to sign it.

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This website uses cookies and similar technologies by continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. This is their answer: I asked a similar question in Microsoft Drivers Developers Forum some time ago.

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SHA-1 or SHA for Windows kernel-mode Code Signing –

Verify that the file was properly cross signed, use the following syntax and look for the “Microsoft Code Verification Root”:. A test signature can be a WHQL test signature or generated in-house by a test certificate. Kernel mode code signing Ask Question. Digicert will issue a cross signing certificate in a zip file.

SHA-1 or SHA-256 for Windows kernel-mode Code Signing

Windows 7 unpatched and older versions do not trust code signed with a SHA code signing certificate. Starting with Windows 10, versionWindows will not load any new kernel mode drivers which are not signed by the Microsoft through the Hardware Dev Miceosoft.


Share on Facebook Share. Resolution – Install your certificate by double-clicking and allow it to install automatically based upon the certificate type.

Kernel mode code signing – Stack Overflow

However, Windows Vista and older versions will not be updated. Download a pdf file with detailed information about the products in this group. However, SHA-1 is being deprecated. SSL Support Desk powered by Acmetekuses cookies, web beacons and log files to automatically gather, analyze, and store non-personal information about website visitors. Kernel-mode code that is signed with a SHA Authenticode certificate will run correctly on Windows 8.

A non-PnP kernel-mode driver that is not a boot-start driver must have either a catalog file with an SPC signature or the driver file must include an authentucode SPC signature.

I have not used the code certification yet, I just learned it. This way you do not have to worry about which certificate store it is placed in.

Kernel-Mode Code Signing Requirements

This migration is a natural progression to the more secure SHA algorithm and not a response to any immediate security threat. SHA is now the industry-standard signature hash algorithm for code signing certificates. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

It only takes 30 Seconds Click here. With DigiCert Code Signing you get: You write your kernel-mode drivers, sign them with DigiCert certificate and your customers receive a valuable and trustworthy product key.

This ensures users that installed software comes precisely from your company. If someone has committed changes to the installer Kernel-Mode Code Signing will not allow to display the information of your authentivode as a source of the driver.


Problem Windows Vista and Server trigger a security warning for code running in kernel mode if the code was signed with a SHA Authenticode certificate. A kernel-mode kicrosoft allows you to sign driver packages that provide full security for the user using the bit and bit Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista.

I find the link very confusing somehow because I can’t figure out exactly what certificate I need to buy. Share on Google Plus Share.

Patched versions of Windows 7 and newer versions of Windows operating systems will trigger a security warning for code signed with a SHA-1 certificate after December 31, Although the kernel-mode code signing policy does not require that the catalog file of a PnP driver be signed, PnP device installation treats a driver as signed only if the catalog file of the driver is also signed.

You need to have your company get a code signing certificate from either GlobalSign or VeriSign the others listed in that link are mcirosoft longer offered.