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Wow, that was quick. Posted by LiquidIce at Converting video to Wii format. Select it and press next until it’s finished installing. Looking forward to your work.

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Right click and goto properties.

Like mine use MSI driver and widcomm software, still good to go. Yes I am blketooth this with my Wii. Download it from here and extract it. What can I do to help debug?

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It’s kind of a pain to get used to, and the major drawback transger that it only works with the binary Mii code, so you can’t get a jpeg of your Mii it doesn’t even show you a preview of it or anything when you upload it to the PC. I had tried the Microsoft drivers followed directions exactly as stated in tutorial as well as the ones listed when “Show only compatible drivers” is checked.

Download it here I have a Widcomm Software installed my logitech keyboard requires it. I have a tdansfer cheap old USB bluetooth adapter I’ve read the guide, but when i uncheck the box ‘Show compatible hardware’ i can’t find the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.


Took me most of the day (send a Mii to the PC) – Nintendo Fan Club – GameSpot

Now you should have the Microsoft BT icon on the task tray. Well, I really like the idea of it, but for some reason it isn’t working for me Now Kii need to check out how the transfer works I’ve written a simple program called TransferMii http: Upload your Mii’s here: I use the widcomm software, although took some work, but I blietooth able to connect the wiimote to pc. After it finds the wiimote, you may need to press buttons 1 and 2 again to finish the bluetooth connection process.

I’m not having any luck with the MiiTransfer program. PikaPichu Follow Forum Posts: Thank you bluetoorh much for this information. Now I have the actual Mii binary file converted into a jpeg.

That would be a killer app for the Mii community Ghetto Prince, looking forward to the UI. Transfer a Mii from your Wii using bluetooth and the wii-mote.

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So, even with Nintendo’s updates, this kind of Mii editing doesn’t lock the console? I have downloaded the MS BT Stack driver but when i go to “update driver”, its not in the list, with or without the “show compatible hardware” box checked.

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I’m having a problem transferring miis from the wiimote. Newer Post Older Post Home. I can connect the wiimote without a problem, but when i run any of the batch files I get this message “the system cannot execute the specified program. Have it search for devices, and press buttons 1 and 2 on your wiimote to ut it into discover mode. Here is how to transfer Mii’s from your Wii to your Wii-Mote to your computer.

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Running homebrew software and Games. Any updates transfeg availability of new version s? I am able to use the GUI program to transfer the mii files. And if yo still cannot connect your Wiimote with the PC: Did you somehow extract a saved Mii from your wiimote using bluetooth?