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Je ne sais pas ce que sont les “linux-restricted-modules”. He wouldn’t make it to the end But then again this wouldn’t solve the initial problem: My drivers were preinstalled by Ubuntu 6. To check this run lspci -vv grep Modem it should respond with something similar to: IRQ0 used by override. I don’t think your modem has a DSP digital signal processor.

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I was unable to ping moni or surf with my browser. Insert your Ubuntu 6. To use ScanModem check out this link: One thing you may try, and I know this is a crappy suggest, is download SimplyMepis 3.

If they don’t update their kernel then they are fine, but if they do then they have to go through much of the same process again in addition to booting to the old kernel just to download the headers package for the new kernel. When you compile the kernel modules you compile them against a specific kernel version. minu

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USB hub found hub Was it that the builtin drivers din’t work in your case too or u couldn’t try. I don’t think your modem has a DSP digital signal pvi. We need to edit this file and specify your ISP’s phone number and your username and password. You may live in an area where there is no broadband, and this is all you have! Maybe it’s a connection string problem.


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Bug ltmodem use hangs kernel https: Check the modem initialization string if applicable in Windows and try that in wvdial. If that doesn’t work let me know and I’ll see if I can get my modem to work with the stock kernel modules. ,inux is possible that something has changed with my ISP.

You only need to follow the commands in the guide. Most of these are not supported under Linux, yet quite a few work after extensive tweaking or purchasing drivers. If the modem works in Mepis then it should work in Ubuntu. Now I’m off to get my TV card working: If you don’t then the modem may dial but then you may get a “no carrier” message when you try to connect. However there’s another small issue.

Joey SmithFrederic van Hoof. Using configuration type 1 mtrr: I wouldn’t trust the numbers. VD56SMMotorola chipset, horizontal configuration.

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Une solution pour un winmodem 56k SVP C’est bien le winmodem? It’s a pain because you have to boot to the old kernel, connect to the Internet, and install the appropriate linux-headers package for the new kernel.


IRQ0 used by override. Moreover I checked the help file aswell but couldn’t really find where to download the scan modem file and also the scanmodem command which I have to write in Terminal.

See my pandan entry. Depending on the updates, what you have to download can be quite large. But if the martian driver stays working I won’t worry about it. Does it always disconnect after 3 to 8 minutes? Sorry for this very late reply! Therefore you don’t need specialized drivers for them. It supports Lucent modems out-of-the-box.