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Yes – The manual is clear and sufficient? I t sduit by seeing in one block and a 4-octave keyboard more than 10 Controller noon, plus USB connectivity midiou. Hey Guys, For my situation, I found a fault with my controller’s usb port. Not satisfied with those reviews? But could the fact that the Axiom has additional drumpads create an issue for the Mk?

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I went to test on my MacOS X By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Not satisfied 4499c those reviews?

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

USB and powered by the computer to limit the cables. Although the sliders and knobs used to work with Ableton Live, except for slider number 9 that was never recognized, they never worked in FL Studio or Protools.

But maybe by installing modern firmware on it would make it more friendly? This has nothing to do with drivers or firmware, but rather just that FL Studio and Pro Tools integrate MIDI devices in a very different way than Ableton which is arguably the easiest at integrating controllers.

It seemed to work fine, the midi ports opened up in ableton9 and i was able to select it in preferences.

The firmware updates on the website are there in error; the Axiom firmware is not supposed to be associated with the Evolution MK-Series. My MKC isnt even recognised when I plug it in. I’m thinking this is a driver issue for sure, but drivers are old of course. In fact it will mj the park, I hope to route 3 to play a style plugin multiclaviers classical organ or Hammond, implying that each is recognized mi assigned to a software keyboard.


It seems like there’s a compatibility issue with win 10, my controller was working well under win 8. Ecellent – With experience, you do again this choice? By the way it still works fine on a windows 7 machine and mac Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I plugged in the MK and it immediately recognized it and in fact is listed on the pull down menu for all midi keyboards.

USB, midi kk, footswitch jack configurable: Did you find this review helpful? For example, the original Minimoog V demo can instantly affect “midi learn”: Cheers How does this make you feel?

I know that this is an old post but I want to quickly jump in. Andrei Toader December 18, By the way, the MK series are Class Compliant which means that it doesn’t require any drivers 44c9 it. Write a user review Ask for a user review. Touch – Have you tried many other models before buying it?

The connection is of extreme ease and even if the USB cable is a little short, it is recognized by Interacting with XP without drivers, and other OS CD provided is clear and full of utilities.


I count the evolution acqurir MKC, but I would like to know if the pad of 12 buttons on the left works well ct programming effects plugins or instrumentsUsb for computer connection and has the Midi Out connection, besides it has many midi controllers, the sliders, knobs and buttons, and i can easy program how i like the sound to be, and also with other programs of course, at distance, without touch the computer keyboard i can send instructions to computer for when i want to start the song, change sounds and tracks, change effects on live presentation, etc.

O So, given my use so I referrer choice.

Old Evolution MKC firmware?

Ihave the same problem. Here is the report qualitprix trs good, for a keyboard that is trs cool, despite its some default but even when !

Request a new review. Skbz Doo January 02, Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. The manual comes with complter clear picture of all possible commands.

With hindsight, I would do this choice, I did not find better at this price.