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The Duo-DX looks remarkably like the Mobiblu product. You can also leave FF or RW on for more than four seconds to actually skim through a track, but since there’s no audible feedback while you do that, it’s not a very useful feature there’s no audible feedback when you search through tracks in plain headphone mode, either. Give Dan some money! Apart from that, though, you’re on your own. Normal humans will need some further explanation.

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MobiBlu DAH-220 Manuals

They’re actually practical products, though, for people who want to be able to play their digital tunes in a cassette player. The DAH offers a fallback option for this situation. Instead of just one album of music on a regular tape cassette, you can have scores of favourite albums on possibly mobiblj 2GB card.

The track skip function only works if the tape deck deigns to spin its sprockets, of course. It comes with both the Digisette and the Mobiblu. Now you’ve got a gadget that’s neatly inductively coupled to the heads of the deck; you can feed it a plain un-fiddled-with headphone level signal and it’ll transfer it, with quite high fidelity, to the cassette deck, which’ll think it’s playing a tape.

The DAH’s record capabilities may or may not be of any interest to you, but it certainly covers all the bases. Overall I’m a sucker for devices that connect things together in novel ways, so MP3 cassettes appeal to me on general principles.

Being self-contained and with two batteries, this player should last out a long journey or into the wee hours at a retro party. But that’s untidy, and you’ll probably need to rig up some kind of cradle for the player if you want to be able to a control it while b preventing it from going ballistic should Advanced Driving transpire.

That’s how the Digisette works.


Mobiblu DAH MP3 Player @ Dan’s Data. – MajorGeeks

Both players have an 220 minimal interface – four buttons including two dqh rocker switchesone tiny bi-colour LED green and red on the Digisette, blue and red on the Mobiblu Further, it’s built-in mike means live recordings can be made and it can also record from its FM radio or ‘line-in’ through the ‘tape’ heads. The adapters are surprisingly durable, need no batteries, and often work very well. Given the construction quality of the average cassette adapter, you 220 ought to be able to.

The wire for the adapter comes out of a corner nearest the opening of a car cassette deck mpbiblu any other deck with a slot-load design ; you can use adapters in regular cassette decks as well, but may have to snip a bit out of the door to let the mboiblu through. If you want to see how you’re supposed to operate the Mobiblu player, feel free to check out the PDF-format manual, here if only for the helpful warnings.

And the player also automatically resumes playing where it was when you last stopped it, even if you’ve replaced the battery since then. You can’t stop it or skip tracks without ejecting it, but at least you get music. Stick it in the car’s tape deck, press fast forward, and see if you can hear the spindles spinning.

Also it’s an FM radio, FM and voice recorder. The controls on an old cassette player should still work since the spindles of this ‘cassette’ are geared together so as not to fool clever players into thinking a tape has jammed or broken. The built-in MB memory should provide about 3. The batteries last for about seven hours of playback, but you’ll get 14 hours from the Mobiblu package, because it comes with a spare; the Digisette only has one.

Both players have a teeny USB port hiding on their bottom edge; if they were real 20, you’d have to stab the USB lead through the tape to plug it in. The 44kHz sample rate is, actually, overkill for FM and tape-deck recording. If you’ve ever found yourself sticking your finger into a car cassette deck slot to wiggle the tape around for better sound, you’re doing the same thing this slider does.


MMC cards think ‘thin’ SD aren’t readily available. Put ’em 2200 record mode, then just pop ’em in your tape deck.

It would appear that the same actual manufacturer makes both devices; perhaps some exclusive license ran out, or something, and that’s why we’re seeing the thing under the Mobiblu brand now. Although there’s no display on the main unit apart from a small flashing LED, the included cable remote with clothing clip can be plugged in providing a simple LCD display along with ‘tape’ and volume control buttons.

Mobiblu DAH Cassette Flash MP3 Player – Portable Audio / Video | Image Gallery | Gear Live

The DAH even has a little geared rubber roller to engage the cassette deck’s pinch roller, but it helped not at all. The exchange rate then made that price about the same as the old US price for the Duo-DX, but the Mobiblu player’s got better specs.

Cassette adapters, in particular, often sound noticeably better than real cassettes – no tape means no tape hiss, and because the speed of the tape transport doesn’t affect the signal, there’s no wow or flutter either. Both the Digisette and the Mobiblu versions of this player mobibul an aluminium casing, which makes them tough and mboiblu weighty – the DAH’s But a lot more people have a use for mic and line in recording.