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Does anybody have some ideas what could be the cause? I’ve been using Ubuntu for a year now and love it but I’m not an expert so maybe other here can further help you along. That solution worked perfectly. November 17th, The manufacturer of the cable provides a driver for the cable on their website. The first file, has to be created and the info added to it. This might be an interesting cable to buy as it has a parallel db25 on it, though I already have a usbparallel cable it has the centronics36 on it.

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First, make sure your system “sees” the card with the following: Yeah, that’s more like the errors I’d expect to kill a build. I’ve omschip using Ubuntu for a year now and love it but I’m not an expert so maybe other here can further help you along.

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. But in this case you may have to port the driver to the new kernel which requires some programming knowledge and kernel internals November 14th, 5.


Index Recent Topics Search www. Hosting by Gossamer Threads Inc. Start Prev 1 2 Next End. Earlier I was moschjp able to connect to the devices on MCS cards, but after installing the 2. You should be able to just remove the -Wno-unused-but-set-variable from the Makefile. PCI-Parallel Card Install you need to run the lspci -v command as root sudo lspci -v that gives you a different output under at the capabilities tag, caught me out then I found another post with the sudo mozchip listed.

I dug up an old live-cd image with ubuntu It will probably be different on yours.

AppArmor disabled by boot time parameter [ 0. Mon Feb 06, 1: October 27th, 7.

Tue Sep 13, Chip labeled “WL” on it. Warnings shouldn’t trigger the bomb Wed Sep 14, 3: Copyright Gentoo Foundation, Inc.

Adding support for MosChip PCIe (serial/parallel) cards

I wonder if the card is disabled in the BIOS? What version of gcc are you using? Myself could compile the 99xx driver on linux What setting I have to do for the driver to be loaded properly, as after a reboot I have to install the drivers 99912 Index Recent Topics Search www.


LKML: “Dr. David Alan Gilbert”: parallel port on Mostech/NetMos Technology PCIe

Powered by Kunena Forum. I’ve found one available at some local dealer – it says Moschip MCS most probably that one you’ve mentioned? November 25th, 6. SSS flag set, parallel bus scan disabled moachip 1.

3.3. List of PCI IDs of supported serial interface cards based on the Moschip controller

I don’t want to hook up a centronics36 to my protoboards The instructions were to vague and after googling, it seems the driver was to old and the manufacturer stopped supporting it. I am able to connect to the onboard the motherboard serial ports device with no issues.

What setting I have to moechip for the terminal to give me a proper connection? NetMos Technology Device So, the card arrived and is pluged into: