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Median deinterlacing filter that deinterlaces the given block by applying a median filter to every second line. You should check out the MPlayer-cygwin mailing list for help and latest information. Desired width of generated image default: If you don’t like the mode it chooses you may force it to choose the mode matching closest the resolution you specify by -x and -y. They are used to navigate the menus.

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The -rtc option enables it, but a properly set up kernel is required.

Positive values mean multiples of the default range. Then you can choose which card 0 or 1 and connector to use as an output to play two videos at the same time on two monitors: Maximum outpjt of seconds to wait when trying to tune a frequency before giving up default: Specify the frequency to set the tuner to e. This option may be useful if you have a broken internet connection that does not pass incoming UDP packets see http: Each of the two front channels needs to be moved to the corresponding rear channel and also to itself.

Set the startup volume in the mixer, either hardware or software if used with -softvol. Open Source Consulting Domain Registration. Email Required, but never shown. Post as a guest Name. Fortunately, since we only care about the output of the first two channels, we only need to make two sets; the remaining four sets can be omitted.


The AVI container is the native container format for MEncoderwhich means that it’s the one that is best handled, and the one for which MEncoder was designed.

It measures the overall maximum sound level and prints out that level when MPlayer exits. Threshold, which can be optionally specified from nothing 0 to everything default: Also, hrtf requires 48 kHz audio. Default is not to disable image display nobenchmark. There is a neat OSD Menu support ready to be used. PPA statistics Activity 0 updates added during the past month.

Disable the display of OSD messages on the console when no video output is available.

mplayer(1): movie player – Linux man page

Choose the quality of the JPEG compression 0: MPlayer does not duplicate any channels by default, and neither do most audio drivers. Mplayer- no video output!?!?!

Use the given profile s-profile help displays a list of the defined profiles. Video card should be in graphics mode except nVidia cards with the -vo cvidix output driver. If you have any other questions, return to the Table mpkayer Contents and search for the topic, read the FAQor try grepping through the files.


If you do not outut any numbers for some input channels, 0 is assumed. Use automatic insertion of filters according to 1 above, but use floating point processing when possible.

The easiest way to obtain MPlayer is to get it from one of the OpenZaurus package feeds. MPlayer may segfault when decoding and encoding video that uses the win32codecs:. Modern video encoders can adjust to these needs as they go and vary the bitrate. Currently there is an issue with video files.

History (boring)

Try to enable this option if your video card supports upscaling only. Whenever a movie is prepared for display on television including DVDit is converted to a field-based format. You might want to try running without any options first, if you have sync problems, or DVD subtitle problems, give: To check, atti xvinfoit is the part of the XFree86 distribution.