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Quick Navigation Windows 3. Normal CD audio is not supported, so some programs run properly but silently. If you get messages indicating a load failure or success, then at least you know what is going on. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: It still would not recognize a D: I am going to go another direction.

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Real World Problems Most of the server is written in the usual, straightforward style characteristic of Ada. In both cases, the DOS prompt never appears, and the system does not accept commands.

Immediately following the call to the strategy rrom a second call is made to the interrupt routine, which retrieves the request and processes it.

AUG Network Access to CD-ROMs

Sign up using Facebook. When the packet arrives from the client via NetBIOS, the command code and all subsequent bytes of the packet are treated as a byte slice and are shifted right one byte in the array. Mecdex answer is useless. A discriminant record is used for the internal rim of the externally generated device-driver request header. BAT and add the following statement: W return W; function “OR” left, right: EXE cannot access the device, as the driver is not loaded.

This exception allows the driver to be installed more than once using the same net name for simultaneous access to more than one CD-ROM server.


Alignment holes occur when space is inserted between the components of a record to satisfy alignment requirements of the individual components. After the server has processed the request, the request header is returned to the client first, followed by the data. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Type bytes can then be used to declare multibyte fields without introducing alignment holes.

A program requests the services of a device driver by sending the driver a request header message containing a command code and related data.

Only cooked-data read mode is supported. I am going to go another direction. If it loads via autoexec.

A different driver name must ro, used for each instance or the second installation will hide the first in the driver chain. It will look similar to this: When the scheduler queue is empty, there will not be an active LISTEN and the server will not respond to new client calls. I may have a boot disk around for the autoexec.

Microsoft DOS mscdex command

I think this computer has an older version of DOS. Mscddex the rest of your answer was helpful, so I didn’t. Simply rem out the line in the config.

Thus, INIT isn’t needed, so it’s omitted. Thanks for your help guys. The declaration of W to be a 2-byte subtype of Bytes and DW to be a 4-byte subtype accommodates the two most common multibyte fields encountered in externally generated records. I have found the correct driver http: Several times, I was also getting a “general failure reading drive A: Because conventional memory was often important in DOS, I would be fairly try those drivers in just about any case, even if official manufacturer’s drivers weren’t causing stability issues.


When the client driver is loaded as a TSR, as it is done here, the normal initialization is done by the transient loader. mscdsx

The first is in a Sony “CD Rom Extensions” diskette which is from an older 34 pin Sony proprietary drive I think and the other is a set of files from Adaptec that state they are for the series cards.

Non-preemptive tasking is used. If the file is not found, you have to first make a new folder in the hard drive the example below uses a folder called CDROM and copy the contents of the floppy diskette to the hard drive into that folder.